Serenissima Development and Preservation through Technology


SerenDPT is a Benefit Corporation with a clear mission: to help repopulate Venice by supporting the creation of startups that will produce high quality jobs in the historic city.


All our projects are evidence-based and supported by stringent scientific methodologies.

We have a data-driven approach to finding answers to problems and needs and all the knowledge that we collect is shared with the city and the world. We collect big-data to identify social needs in our city, and foster the development of innovative solutions to address them.

We give shape to ideas.

We believe in open innovation and contamination between digital and traditional as essential ingredients to valuable projects with impact on our territory and real social benefits. 

We seek technology-driven innovations to social problems.

We intend to develop a place capable of offering spaces optimized for each function, intended for business activities and associations.

We want to be a center of interaction and social cohesion with high vitality that intends to attract not only workers but also to be a space for meeting, discussion and networking.

The goal is to build a community.


SerenDPT is headquartered in the H3 Factory inside the ex-church of Saints Cosmas and Damian on the Giudecca island in Venice. 

To meet the transparency requirements of Italian law, Benefit Companies are required to prepare an annual impact report to be attached to the financial statements and published on the company website.

Annual Report 2022 ITA - ENG

Annual Report 2021 ITA  - ENG

Annual Report 2020 ITA - ENG

Annual Report 2019 ITA - ENG

Annual Report 2018 ITA - ENG


The principles that have always inspired the work of SerenDPT are formally collected in a Code of Ethics of Conduct in the belief that reliability is built daily by respecting the rules and valuing people.

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