Venice Project Center

Every year since 1988, students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) have carried out research projects at the Venice Project Center (VPC) to address some of the major problems faced by the city of Venice, using with a scientific and technological approach. In 34+ years of activity, the projects have covered a wide range of topics, from conservation of cultural heritage to in-depth analysis of the hydrogeological data of the lagoon. Some of these projects have inspired the creation of Venetian startups.

SerenDPT hosts the VPC inside the H3 Factory since 2017.

"For 30 years we have been studying solutions to preserve and improve life in the city of Venice".

"Years of activity have allowed us to collect a considerable amount of data concerning the city".

"This data is the basis for the operation of many services useful to the community, and are used daily by applications and predictive models".

"We are proud of our Open approach, giving access to our data in order to support and enhance the quality of life in the city".

(Fabio Carrera, founder of the Venice Project Center)