MURRAY COX - activist in residence

In 2017, as we were moving into the H3 Factory on Giudecca, SerenDPT hosted Murray Cox, founder of InsideAirbnb in Venice for one month. Since then, Murray has been assisting SerenDPT in the research for the SmartDest project and for WPI projects at the Venice Project Center, by providing us with data regarding the spread of Airbnb in Venice.

VENICE CALLS - activists in residence

In 2020, SerenDPT hosted the Venetian youth association Venice Calls. We supported them in their efforts to clean up the lagoon with a thesis with 4 WPI Venice Project Center students.


ANNABEL LUDOVICI - artist in residence

In the spring/summer 2019, UK artist Annabel Ludovici was the first artist-in-residence hosted by SerenDPT in the H3 Factory. She set up studio in the so-called "Frescoes Room" where she produced a number of works on paper, depicting the struggles of women who are incarcerated in the nearby prison on Giudecca, using colors produced from the vegetables grown by the inmates in the jail's garden.

Her work was exhibited in the stairwell leading to the studio and her techniques were demonstrated in the adjoining campo in a series of workshops with children from the neighborhood.

FRANCESCA LEVI-MORENOS - artist in residence

In the Fall of 2020, Francesca Levi Morenos, a young and very talented London artist -- of Venetian descent -- set up her own art studio in SerenDPT's H3 Factory's Bell Tower, after she restored the space on her own.

Checka stayed with us until the end of 2020 and then went on to win 'best pitch' by Guinness at the Creative Comeback and was shortlisted for the 2021 YunoJuno Sweet FA Freelancer Award in Design.


V.E.R-V. - Venice Electroacoustic Rendez-Vous - Musicians in residence

Starting in the summer of 2019, SerenDPT invited the Venetian association called V.E.R-V. to join the fledgling ecosystem in order to inject a musical dimension into the H3 Factory. The members of V.E.R-V. are mostly graduates of the Venice conservatory (Benedetto Marcello) with expertise in (electronic) music and composition. They refurbished the "Frescoes Room" (Sala degli Affreschi) and turned it into a recording studio and proceeded to create compositions suited for SerenDPT's extraordinary acoustics in the main apse.

The studio is still in operation under the COSMO program.


PAUL ROSENBERG - journalist in residence

Paul Rosenberg is a translator (from Italian to English) working mainly on Italian history, and a writer for the Venice-based online magazine He was invited to come work at SerenDPT for the fall/winter of 2022-2023 to further pursue writing about and reflecting on Venice, with a particular focus on organizations and individuals that are working proactively towards a better and more sustainable future for the city. Paul also publishes the web site Campaign For A Living Venice, launched in 2016, which features news stories and essays about current events in Venice, translated into English for anglophone readers around the world who care about Venice but cannot read Italian.