A SerenDPT startup for universal trip planning on public transportation (MAAS: Mobility as a Service) 

DaAaB is the only application that provides routes all over the world, shows the timetables of the next vehicles at the nearest stops, and at the same time also allows the purchase of tickets of all associated companies on its digital platform, even on multi-itineraries -agency.

It integrates with the existing infrastructure of each transport company, thus expanding the range of services for users, extending the range of action beyond its own borders, and connecting with neighboring services to facilitate the usability of contiguous routes, even if covered. from different companies.

daAaB is the first startup of SerenDPT: its official launch in Veneto took place on January 16, 2018 in the hall of the municipal council of Ca 'Farsetti in Venice, at the invitation of the Mayor of Venice and the Metropolitan City of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, under the patronage of the Veneto Region represented by the Regional Councilor for Transport Elisa De Berti.

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What is MaaS?Mobility as a Service (MaaS) integrates various forms of transport services into a single mobility service accessible on demand. A MaaS operator facilitates a diverse menu of transport options to meet a customer’s request, be they public transport, ride-, car- or bike-sharing, taxi or car rental/lease, or a combination thereof. For the user, MaaS can offer added value by using a single application to provide access to mobility with a single payment channel instead of multiple ticketing and payment operations.

DaAaB is an application that helps travelers from all over the world travel around the world, shows the timetables of the next vehicles at the nearest stops, and at the same time also allows the purchase of tickets of all the companies associated with its platform. digital, even on multi-company itineraries.

The application is based on Google Transit open data, the so-called GTFS feeds (General Transit Feed Specification).

The daAaB digital platform consists of three main systems:

DaAaB is a flexible MaaS platform because it :

The story of daAaB

The project that today is called daAaB has its original roots in a prototype application based on newborns "Google Feeds", conceived by Prof. Carrera and developed in Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA) in 2010, following a series of research projects completed by students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute at the Santa Fe Project Center.

Between 2011 and 2013, various international research groups that included scholars from MIT and the Santa Fe Institute continued to develop the technologies and also applied them to other cities, including Venice.

In 2014, Eng. Stefano Cerchier, director of ATVO (Azienda Trasporti Veneto Orientale) in San Donà di Piave (VE), got to know the prototypes developed by Prof. Carrera and convinced his president Fabio Turchetto and the entire board of ATVO to invest in development of a professional version of the application, which was introduced in 2015.

This first version of daAaB (app.atvo.it) was initially developed in 2015 in Santa Fe, but most of the development took place in Silicon Valley, while the payment module was tested in Boston.

From 2016, the development of the app moved completely to Venice where the app was completed by Forma Urbis srl, and made operational for ATVO users by a team of young local developers, under the guidance of Tomaso Minelli. In the same year, the ATVO app won the ANAV Smart Move 2016 'Special Jury Prize'.

In 2017, thanks to the coordination of ConfServizi Veneto, five companies of TPL Venete - FAP (S.Donà), AVM / ACTV (Venice), Alilaguna (Venice), MOM (Treviso) and ATV (Verona) - joined ATVO in adopting the daAaB platform in order to offer an integrated public service to travelers from all over the Veneto region.