Società Benefit a Responsabilità Limitata

Campo San Cosmo, 624-625

Giudecca | 30133 | Venezia

P. IVA 04396950273


Phone +39 041 523 2899

How to Visit us:

To reach our location, use the following boat lines:

  • Line 4.1 (ACTV) from the Bus/Car terminal (Ple Roma stop) and Railway station (Ferrovia stop)

  • Line 2 (ACTV) from the Bus station (Ple Roma stop), Railway station (Ferrovia stop), Tronchetto (carpark) or from San Zaccaria

Get off at Boat stop: Giudecca Palanca

If you have a data connection on your smartphone, type (3 a’s) in your phone’s browser and use our own SerenDPT app for directions in Venice. TRY IT! Let us know what you think… It will give you the best route from where you are to your destination, INCLUDING all public transportation options. You can PAY for the tickets with the app using Credit Cards or Paypal.