SerenDPT intends to give life to a new Venetian ecosystem capable of promoting the development of internal relationships and synergies for the entire community that inhabits it.

Social Promotion

Since 2017 SerenDPT hosts inside H3 Factory and collaborates with the APS Centro Progetti Venezia,  association which aims to contribute to the environmental and cultural conservation of the city of Venice, as well as its Lagoon. In particular, it promotes constructive interaction between students, teachers, professionals, public authorities and citizens on applied studies and research programs in interdisciplinary fields.

The Association is a non-profit organization and exclusively pursues goals of social solidarity.

Annual Financial Report Centro Progetti Venezia: 2017-2018-20192020 - 2021 - 2022


Located a few minutes from the center of Venice, Fabbrica H3 offers multipurpose spaces: single coworking desks in shared environments, meeting rooms, spaces for events and workshops, a cafeteria and a private internal courtyard for relaxation and networking.

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Art & Culture

Cosmo is the project founded by Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio who in 3 years from 2020 has refunctionalized part of the spaces of H3 Factory, making it the site of an independent project which during the lockdown has explored new models of design and cultural production, thanks to the confluence of artists, musicians and operators who have recognized the uniqueness of the project on the Venetian territory.

Cosmogram, after the pilot two-year period 2021-22, is the legal entity which, on the one hand, manages the projects and processes that take place within the Cosmo project, and on the other, is an independent publishing entity that produces and represents artists and musicians in the form of a recording and production company.